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Operation Liquid™

AquaBombs Re-Usable Water Balloons

AquaBombs Re-Usable Water Balloons

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Introducing AquaBombs: Unleash Refreshing Water Fun!

Get ready for the ultimate water balloon experience with AquaBombs. Made from highly safe latex material, these reusable water balloons are perfect for children's play. Dive into a world of watertight fun, as these self-sealing balloons stay intact even when filled with water, thanks to their gravity-based design.

Get your hands on AquaBombs and experience hours of refreshing water play. Enjoy the convenience of reusing these balloons and make every occasion memorable with laughter and splashes. It's time to create unforgettable water balloon memories with AquaBombs!


Highly Safe Material: AquaBombs are crafted from high-quality latex material, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playtime experience for children. Let them dive into water balloon battles with confidence, knowing that the material is safe and non-toxic.

Watertight and Burst-Resistant: Fill AquaBombs with water, and watch them fall gracefully to the ground without bursting. Their self-sealing design ensures a watertight seal, so you can engage in exciting water balloon fights without worrying about premature bursts.

Easy and Quick Fill Splash Fun: Experience the convenience of filling multiple water balloons simultaneously with AquaBombs. Each bundle contains vividly colored water balloons, allowing you to fill them instantly. Say goodbye to filling balloons one at a time and get ready to fight back against your friends quickly.

Suitable for Many Occasions: AquaBombs are designed to infuse any occasion with instant fun. Whether it's a kids' party, birthday celebration, anniversary, pool party, or any outdoor event, these odorless and skin-friendly water balloons are a must-have for creating a refreshing and joyful atmosphere.

Great Gift Idea: Bring smiles and laughter to hot summer days with AquaBombs. Squeeze them to create a thrilling jet effect that will cool everyone down. Surprise your child with this fantastic gift and introduce them to a world of fun-filled water balloon adventures.


What's Included

  • AquaBomb Re-Usable Water Balloons (Quantity depends on amount selected)


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What Our Customers Say!

"My favourite aspect of the Aquaglock is its magazine-loaded design. It makes the experience a lot more fun, you feel like you're in a real combat experience.... except with water 😂"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - James From Edigburgh, UK

What Our Customers Say!

"I was originally skeptical about how good this would be as I hadn't seen this product before but I can honestly say its amazing fun and its range is good. I purchased the glock and the vector and me a my son have had so much fun with them. I've just ordered more for the family gatherings over the summer!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Khyle From Brighton, UK

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  • Waterproof Compartment

    The waterproof compartment secures the rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted water fights with long-lasting power. (Battery & USB charger included)

  • Magazine Loaded Water-Munition

    Magazine loading offers seamless reloading, keeping you fully armed and ready for non-stop water warfare, without missing a moment of fun.

  • Powerful Water Outlet

    Powerful water outlet delivers intense water streams, drenching your opponents up to 10 meters